Finalized EFRAG ESRS Implementation Guidance Documents

Finalization of 3 EFRAG ESRS Implementation Guidance Documents, related to the sector-agnostic ESRS as adopted by the European Commission on 31 July 2023:

✅ EFRAG IG Materiality Assessment >>> Download here

✅ EFRAG IG 2 Value Chain >>> Download here

✅ EFRAG IG 3 ESRS Datapoints >>> Download here  with Explanatory Note >>> Download here

With these documents, EFRAG aims to support undertakings and other stakeholders in the implementation of the ESRS.

Regarding EFRAG IG 3 ESRS Datapoints

This list cannot be used as a basis for the preparation of the machine-readable sustainability reporting – it does not represent the digital ESRS XBRL taxonomy.

EFRAG IG 3 contains the line items only for tables as a whole, which will be used to further disaggregate datapoints in the machine-readable format.

EFRAG IG 3 may be considered an intermediate step on the way to delivering the ESRS XBRL Taxonomy with a human-readable reports that will be easier to digitalise.

A datapoint encompasses a clearly separable and specific piece of information required by the ESRS Disclosure Requirements (DRs), generally at the level of each paragraph, subparagraph and sub-subparagraph.

In this Excel list (IG 3)

  • 161 datapoints are mandatory irrespective of the materiality assessment
  • 622 datapoints are subject to the materiality assessment
  • 269 are voluntary datapoints marked as ‘may disclose’

In the Draft ESRS XBRL Taxonomy issued in Q1, the number of datapoints are more than the double.

Cleerit ESG – Friend of EFRAG – provides a digitized ESRS Taxonomy centric report template that helps you prepare your report in a both human-readable and machine-readable format.

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