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Getting you CSRD-ready

Helping you get CSRD-ready



We help you maximize ESG value and get CSRD ready – bridging the gap between Sustainability, Strategy, Execution & Reporting, to protect and grow your business. With an inclusive holistic SaaS solution, we have you covered, wherever in the world you operate, and wherever you start on your CSRD journey.

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Our advanced ESG solution, helps you effectively manage and report on ESG, minimize risk exposure, unlock the potential of your materiality assessments, cascade ambitious targets and create actionable roadmaps for strategic sustainable success – with ESRS-ready processes and report templates.

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But above and beyond, we help you build capabilities and resilience to future-proof your business and create sustainable inclusive competitive advantage – by gaining in clarity and control to make the right decisions. So that you can concentrate on what you do best: serving your customers and growing your business.

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Cleerit ESG helps you get CSRD-ready & ESRS-compliant

With science-based, holistic and inclusive system support for ESG strategy, governance and reporting excellence

CSRD & ESRS Compliance

Ensure CSRD & ESRS compliance by structuring your ESG strategy, processes & data, with built-in audit trail and support, and inclusive work processes

ESG Strategy Execution

Develop and execute your ESG strategy, integrate it with your core business strategy, and gain in overview, clarity and control to prioritize and make the right decisions

Double Materiality Assessments

Conduct guided double materiality assessments to unlock the potential of your sustainability topics, manage impacts and stakeholder expectations

Policies, Targets, Actions & Metrics

Connect material ESRS topics to policies, targets, activities and metrics, and manage your daily ESG initiatives with activity, resource, time and task planning

Risk Management

Identify, assess and manage material risks to help you mitigate risk exposure and manage opportunities throughout your ESG governance process

Automated Sustainability Reporting

Automate your sustainability reporting with digital ESRS-ready templates, inclusive governance processes and both quantitative and narrative data collection

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A science-based SaaS solution maximizing ESG performance

"The work is based on a solid review of recent scientific literature. It is not just an aggregation of existing knowledge, but a real development of a new strategy implementation model, which integrates extensive knowledge, as well as many different and varying parts of the scientific literature."

French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

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Integration, interoperability and enterprise-wide coverage

With the increase in regulatory requirements, sustainability reporting is being elevated to the level of financial reporting. This shift requires robust holistic governance processes and controls.

A siloed sustainability data repository and systems landscape is no longer fit for purpose. Integration, interoperability and enterprise-wide coverage will be key to success.

With its science-based solution and holistic approach, Cleerit ESG is uniquely positioned to help companies meet these challenges, and connect people, planet and profit at the heart of business strategy and decisions.

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ESRS report templates & governance processes

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Taking a lead on CSRD implementation