Ready to disclose your climate-related risks under CSRD?

Climate change risk assessment is a challenge we need to master under CSRD, as global economic losses from disasters are increasing, and insurers are starting to get cold feet.

ESRS E1 (AR 11) requires the company to explain:

➡ whether and how it has identified climate-related hazards, and screened whether its assets and business activities may be exposed to these hazards;

➡ whether and how this screening has been informed by high emissions climate scenarios such as “Hot house world” or “Too little, too late”;

➡ whether and how it has taken into consideration the likelihood, magnitude and duration of the hazards, as well as the geospatial coordinates specific to the company’s locations and supply chains.

We have 3 years to learn to quantify these risks in monetary amounts, but we need to qualify and disclose on them from year one in the CSRD report.

A recent study showed that only 46% of all large companies currently assess, quantify and publish (or declare that they take into account) their physical climate risks – and 78% do not include their climate transition risks.

This is a real challenge. It will be a key area of scrutiny for the financial market and insurers, as there has been a sevenfold increase in reported losses from climate disasters since the 1970s.

Extreme weather is causing loss of property, destruction of assets and business interruptions, with financial effects hitting our businesses.

Storms have been responsible for 33% of the climate costs, heatwaves for 16% and floods and droughts for 10%.

⭕ To get your climate-related physical risks under control, you need to create a register with all your physical assets (offices, factories, warehouses, etc.) and indicate the GPS coordinates for each location.

⭕ When you’ve come this far, there are easy-to-use tools and science-based data available to help you get the overview you need to understand, manage and disclose on your climate-related physical risk exposure in your CSRD-report.

You are welcome to contact us if you need help to get started.

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